Working in the Philippines

When one talks about working in the Philippines, Makati is naturally the top choice that comes to mind. This is understandable as Makati is known as the country’s premier business capital that offers broadest career opportunities. The city’s name has almost become synonymous with career success.

Where to Look When You Consider Working in the Philippines

Since the 1960s, Makati has been known as the financial center of the Philippines and has become home to a great number of multinational industries and globally renowned businesses. The business district also hosts various multinational corporations as well as the country’s biggest commercial firms, and BPO (business process outsourcing) companies. To date, Makati has over 62,000 establishments include hundreds of bank head offices, major IT companies and BPO call centers. This is why it has become a common destination of people who consider working in the Philippines or establishing their businesses in the country.

Makati is also home to 54 embassies and 35 consulates, along with the headquarters of international organizations World Health Organization, UNICEF, IFC, UNDP, among others. These international organizations employ people of different nationalities who admit that they enjoy working in the Philippines because they believe the Filipinos are very talented, hardworking and dedicated people. The Philippine Stock Exchange and Makati Business Club are also found in the heart of Makati. Indeed, having these two prestigious business organizations in the city’s midst has earned Makati’s proverbial laurels, so to speak.

For most Filipinos, being a Makati worker is the epitome of a successful career. They feel that their proximity to the country’s biggest business institutions is their gateway to the world’s largest industries. For them, Makati City makes working in the Philippines world-class and professionally rewarding.  It also works the other way around. Makati’s impressive reputation as the Philippines’ financial hub attracts more foreign investors to establish their offices in the city, thus adding greater prestige and commercial diversity to the globally flourishing business district.