Living in the Philippines

The Philippines is known to the world as a tropical paradise with the most diverse flora and fauna. On top of the country’s perfect climate and countless scenic destinations, the great character of the Filipino people has also become an attractive value of to live in the Philippines with particular note to foreigners.

The Rewards of Living in the Philippines

The Filipinos are known for their hospitality, diligence, resourcefulness, and productivity. They make living in the Philippines a lot more enjoyable and socially rewarding because they are able to communicate and relate well with people of different races. Take for example the city of Makati, the country’s financial capital and most flourishing business district, which has become a melting pot of diverse nationalities.

Just walk down the busy but artistically embellished streets of Makati City, stroll inside the malls, or visit any one of the towering skyscrapers that are home to the world’s largest businesses, and you will not miss the foreigners who seem to have blended well with the Filipino culture and lifestyle. Majority of them will tell you the perks of living in the Philippines, that it is easy for them to feel at home in this country because of they have access to everything they need.

Both Filipinos and other nationalities have access to international shops and restaurants in Makati’s high-end malls and their residences measure up to global standards, which make living in the Philippines comfortable and somehow familiar regardless of their country of origin. If you ask them to comment about the Filipino people they live and mingle with every day, they will glow with admiration and rave about the warm welcome they always receive wherever they go and how much they are in awe of seeing talented and industrious Filipinos in almost any field they can think of.

There’s little wonder why we see a steady increase in the number of foreigners who choose to work and live in the Philippines especially in Makati the country’s leading city in business, lifestyle, entertainment, and culture. They not only appreciate the natural and endemic beauty of the country but also the hospitality, talent and versatility of the Filipino people. Indeed, Filipinos make living in the Philippines financially, socially and personally gratifying.