Makati Nightlife

Makati is not only known as the Philippines’ financial hub but also the apex of urban living. It is a favorite leisure destination for its wide variety of restaurants as well as the clubs, lounges and bars that keep the city alive way into the wee hours of the night – hence the coining of the now-prevalent term Makati nightlife.

Enjoying the Nightlife in Makati

When the lights go off in the offices and other establishments in the city, Makati transforms from its daytime business setting into an almost surreal realm of mood lights, genre music, nocturnal cuisine, and privileged intoxication. It is as if the city is shedding off its tight-collared business suit and revealing the laid-back but stylish outfit hidden within. The Makati nightlife is the people’s way of unwinding from their high-pressure jobs, a time for them to laugh, chat, eat, drink, dance, sing, and bond with their friends or spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Some of the most frequented night spots in Makati City are the strip of bars and restaurants in the renowned Jupiter Street in Bel-Air Village. These include Strumm’s, The Distillery, Sid’s Bar, Pino Bar, and many more. Yuppies – young professionals who like to hang out after work, especially to celebrate the end of another work week – are particularly fond of drinking their Makati nightlife away at The Distillery for the chill bar’s competitively priced Vodka Tequila, single malt Scotch, and a selection of rare foreign beers. There is also Buddha Bar (a short walk from Jupiter Street to Kalayaan Avenue) that is the local albeit no-less-sophisticated counterpart of the internationally famous Buddha Bar where Hollywood stars and European celebrities love to hang out. And of course, other many places that Makati denizens can go to are within the city’s cosmopolitan lifestyle hub, Ayala Center.

Another favorite hang-out spot for those who like to spend their Makati nightlife exploring innovative cuisine and out-of-the-box drinks is the famous Elements Gastrolounge in Greenbelt 3. The resto-bar takes pride in its homey laboratory classroom ambiance (complete with staff garbed in so-called geek-chic uniforms) and the experimental food and drinks they serve to their adventurous customers.

There are many other restaurants and bars that add flavor and adventure to the Makati nightlife experience. You can just stroll down the streets of Makati after work hours and find the right drinking hole or gastronomic paradise that suits your mood, taste for adventure, or simple craving for excellent dining on any given night.

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